This water mist deluge system was designed for a 3 zones


The system was put into suction lift despite being positive head, this protects the pump seals if a discharge occurs and the tank hasn't refilled


The system was tested by the client setting fire to his own waste recycling plant.


It was fitted with a relief valve and performed its own auto weekly test


Power came from a generator, the Grifen pump system took a signal from flame detectors, switched on the generator, then time delayed the pump.


A backup system was installed in the cabinet allowing the same starting effect even without the PLC having power


A space sensitive water mist system has been installed over the Christmas period to protect Santas grotto.

Grifen sprinkler solutions provided a low pressure water mist pump with auto weekly testing and a modified control system.

A 2 head water mist system has been installed with the water supply neatly designed into a tree trunk.

If you have any systems that require special design please contact us

We offer the possibility to customise products or to leave the design to us after consultation. We aim to offer advice to improve sprinkler system functionaility, yet sometimes our expertise is used for customer demonstration models and other applications.  

A mobile demonstration unit was built to demonstrate the NXT valve set. A 4 bar pump was used feeding the valeset and sprinkler head. A recirculating sealed water system enabled all the alarms to be tested while the valve was tripped. A Polycarbonate cover enclosed the valve assembly while a high pressure LED was machined into the chamber allowing customers to view the gauges and the internal workings of the valve.

Alternate valve demonstrator with internal workings and active sprinkler head
NXT valve demo.wmv
Windows Media video format [995.2 KB]