BS9251 2014 Priority demand valve with failsafe actuator Failsafe WRAS approved butterfly valve for large pipe systems
  • WRAS approved butterfly valve 2.5" upto 6" with failsafe actuator
  • Electric actuator with 24VDC flow switch connection
  • Position indicator
  • Valve fails safe in power outage and closes  
  • LED for power good
  • LED for flow switch activated
  • Labelled for fitting/ wiring/ bypass/ testing 
Priority demand valve 2.5" to 6" WRAS approved butterfly valve with failsafe actuator
priority demand valve Failsafe Butterfly[...]
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Priority demand valve data sheet 3/4" to 2" WRAS approved solenoid valve, failsafe
Priority demand valve for compliance with BS9251 2014
priority demand valve data sheet.pdf
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A 3D gallery of our new 3D model video with all the sprinkler rules and additional guidance and recomendations- coming soon

Priority demand valve WRAS approved Fire sprinkler priority demand valve
  • Pre-wired 24VDC circuit
  • Power good led
  • WRAS approved solenoid valve
  • Simple installation  mains plug 
  • WRAS solenoids, 3/4",1", 1.25" 1.5" and 2"



When required this can connect to the pump flow switch/ domestic water supply so that the domestic water supply is shut off in the event of a fire.

Rules description 3.13 "valve for isolating the supply to the domestic supply in the event of sprinkler activation"


Normally closed valve, energised open- safe for the sprinklers


The valve can be used for; Booster Pump Isolation, Town main household supply shut off, priority for mains boosted sprinkler pump, pririty for sprinkler tank infill


When installing a domestic / residential sprinkler system system tank it is a requirement of BS9251 to have float switch monitoring the water level

WRAS approved for booster sets or dedicated tanks


Rule 5.2.7 Where the cistern provides a totally dedicated water supply for sprinklers, a low level alarm should be provided


This can easily integrate into all our pumped systems, making alarm connections simple


Grifen now supply a float, including;

5m connection cable

1" or 1/2" (same device) BSP tank adaptor

Monitors failsafe

FLOWST8n and DUPLIC8 have a 24vdc low level monitoring circuit as standard. The float switch can be monitored by the main control panel and alarmed on the general fault