At Grifen our ethos of "improve where possible" is applied to saving resources in the product manufacture and their impact on site and natural resources.

  • AUTOMAT8n this innovative new product will shortly be launched saving 100% of sprinkler test water and erradicating high carbon footprint site visits. We intend to apply for a water wise award and also a green apple award.
  • JOCKEY PUMPS; low flow pumps which use much less material in their construction and have far lower energy consumption than traditional pumps.
  • FLOWST8n and BOOST8n; both of these products perform unmanned automatic testing and fault reporting. This system would allow off site fault analysis enabling engineers to help from their office without unecessary site visits. Rainwater harvesting tanks can used in suction lift. Despite fire fighting water being free we want to encourage storage and use of our presently abundant supply of rainwater, without using the town main supply.

At our new premises we have removed the old 8ft fluorescent tubes. Brand new lighting has been installed, all new LEDs with PIR sensors. We've removed 1000's of watts. It's incredible how many lights shut down in the day even when it's a hive of activity.

It's all a bit area 51 when everyone's gone home, the little green emergency men and the red men of the infra red security system are watching. Very proud to invest and protect the environment, a huge payback in cost over time too.

We have now also replaced the kitchen, toliets and demo room with brand new LEDs and PIR sensors, we're already seeing the electricity payback too.