Residential fire sprinkler systems are designed to allow proprety escape in a fire. We offer UPS systems to ensure your pump is always online even in the event of a power outage. Our sprinkler pumps systems are automaticly tested every week and have comprehensive alarms, power failure is rare however these systems protect against that rare event when you need power the most.

  • Dedicated enclosure with water protection
  • Cooling vents in enclosure
  • 30+ minute run time
  • Prewired to isolators for power in and out
  • Single or three phase
  • Access panel for engineers

Turnkey solutions for residential fire sprinklers; 


Fire pump


Soft starting Uninterruptable power supply


Plug and pump

These systems give you detailed information of their status and are always online.

These systems are quiet and have no exhaust fumes. 

The power supply is always in use so you know it works (also alarmed).

The system gives 30 minutes run time to the class leading FLOWST8n or DUPLIC8 systems.

3D CAD files to make system design easier

Other run times are available, we are happy to offer advice specific to your site.