FLOWST8n for residential systems and BOOST8n for domestic systems have both beeen designed to make installation and set-up very simple. As well as offering  high specifiction products our service will ensure everything is seemless, we are here to help.

  • No resi riser is required (unless multiple zones)
  • Power on and pump until the system is full and pressurised
  • Simple LCD screen informs of the real time status of the switches, taking guesswork out of any analysis
  • A weekly test can be carried out at any time by the occupier, enabling fault finding to be carried out from your office
  • FLOWST8n pressure switches can be adjusted live, 24VDC low voltage
  • Pressure switches are pre-set according to the pump duty
  • FLOWST8n can be fitted in confined spaces and is still protected from fire by the mist system
  • Every 12 months the unit issues a service warning with your name and phone number, significantly increasing the chance of service work
  • 2 x retarded flow alarm signals are available for internal/ external sounders
  • Users can't trick the fault reporting system by powering down
  • Simple history analaysis of any past problems
Residential Fire Sprinkler Pump FLOWST8n
Residential fire sprinkler pump FLOWST8n[...]
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