BS 9251 requires an annual service to be carried out, our residential and domestic pump systems have very significant advantages, keeping the fire sprinkler system in compliance every week and through the life cycle of the building. 

We have done a thermal analysis of residential fire pumps for BS9251 and BSEN16925


Our pumps are all cooled and legal, many are not


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  • A warning is given on screen signalling an annual service is due
  • A warning is given to the remote panel to signal a service is due
  • The products check that the test has been carried out thoroughly, giving peace of mind to the occupants
  • Pump flow is checked ignoring hydrostatic system pressure
  • Water remains in the sprinkler system saving water, time and power
  • Each week the products self test and report on failures
  • The products check the frequency of the jockey pump starting, signalling potentialy more serious faults before they become critical, protecting the pump and controls from damage and maintaining adequate protection
  • EN12845 features are included such as twin pressure switches with failsafe contacts, and intelligent pump cooling

(Above) A selection of the display screens giving real time and/ or historical information

(Below) Even when installed in a kitchen cupboard FLOWST8n protects itself from fire with an innovative integrated mist system

FLOWST8N mist system activation.wmv
Windows Media video format [3.8 MB]