Residential fire sprinkler systems often require large volumes of stored water. Traditionaly this water is kept in above ground tanks, FLOWST8n allows suction lift to be implemented enabling greater freedom in building design. The vast weight of water need not be stored within the fabric of the main building, potentially offering vast savings and much improved aesthetics. 

Block of flats with fire sprinkler protection including a FLOWST8n fire sprinkler tank is hidden


This building was the first to be fitted with FLOWST8n as part of its BS9251 fire sprinkler protection. In this case valuable car parking spaces were freed up where a larger tank/pump room may have had to be built.


This small thermostaticly heated enclosure was all that was required for the pump, the engineers are stood on the 5 metre cubed water tank situated below ground. The enclosure is at the rear of the building above.

A dedicated brick built structure with little architectural merit is often the solution to fire sprinkler system water storage. With FLOWST8n building costs can be lower and architectural freedom maintained while removing the need for these add on structures. 

FLOWST8n suction lift flyer.pdf
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