EN 12845 Rules BSEN12845 2015 plus LPC Technical  Bulletins

The European fire sprinkler standard EN 12845 has been updated to BSEN 12845 2015. Technical bulletins are also added by the LPC to add technical detail

We have tried to simplify some of your obligations below, some are installation requirements and others from the weekly testing regime - Our system improves on the standard and offers more system resilience 

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Many of the EN12845 rules are surpased and improved on using the innovation that is AUTOMA8n- Europe's most approved fire sprinkler pump system with auto testing, also available as retro fit.



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INTRODUCTION sprinkler systems should be properly maintained to ensure correct operation. This is likely to be overlooked- not our words! It is to be neglected at PERIL! to the lives of occupants and RISK OF CRIPPLING FINANCIAL LOSS!!- not our words! weekly checks can't be emphasized enough! the question is does your test card cover what AUTOMA8n does?- we've never seen one that does and you simply can't ignore this now

  • Two pressure switches per pump, with normally closed contacts
  • A non return valve to be installed in parallel with any valve which isolates a switch
  • reduce water pressure simulating the condition of automatic starting
  • Means shall be provided for testing pump starting with each switch
  • Weekly test states that the water pressure on the starting device should be recorded
  • Weekly test states that the start pressure shall be checked and recorded
  • Pump start equipment must be adjacent to the pump room door
  • Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent hunting in jockey pumps
  • First pump cut in 0.8P of churn pressure
  • Pump room temperature; Electric pumps 4 degrees, Diesel pumps 10 degrees, alarms must be in place to monitor this condition, equipment must be minimum IP54 
  •  Measures should be taken to prevent hunting and water hammer resulting from jockey pump operation
  • ALL of the above is complied with by AUTOMA8n, plus the TBs below, and much more, it's a quick guide
  • TB203 weekly routine- sit back and watch AUTOMA8n carry out all these tasks; reporting on suction and delivery pressure gauges, water height, position of valves, (monitoring water discharge- the rules ask you to see discharge, but never ask you to check it, we thought it should be checked so AUTOMA8n checks pump cooling)
  • TB203 third party inspections, some people may be worried, not AUTOMA8n cutomers, there is no other system carrying as many third party approvals anywhere
  • TB210 you must prevent a closed valve condition, as described in the main body of the text this does not mean that the pump and gland discharge is sufficient. AUTOMA8n offers intelligent additional  cooling and that flow is visible on the PLC and reported when it operates
  • TB210 recomendations- we of course can test the pumps with each pressure switch, AUTOMA8n tells you the pressure they operated at and the pressure the pumps runs at and reports on it
  • TB210 all waste water should be visible, AUTOMA8n does this for you, reports on it and recyles all the water
  • TB210 the dynamic forces acting on the suction and discharge are all dramatically reduced in AUTOMA8n by using Victaulic flexible couplings and a pump system connected to an anti vibration system- perfect for hotels and noise sensitive applications
  • TB221 security- all our main butterfly valves are lockable and monitored with LPCB, Vds, FM approved UL listed valves. The suction valve is FM approved (in the abscence of an LPCB approved valve) with an FM approved UL listed monitor switch
  • PUMP DELIVERY NRV- LPCB approved (the only one on the market) also FM, VdS approved and UL listed
  • TB227 AUTOMA8n will be the most approved pump skid in Europe, couplings will be LPCB, VdS & FM approved and will meet LPS1219, all our fittings will be FM approved
  • TB232 Monitoring indicates you should consider monitoring all main stop valves that stop flow to sprinklers- AUTOMA8n does this as standard and reports on it
  • TB236 CONFIRMED FIRE SIGNALS for pumped systems- this means a fire signal should include pump running plus an alarm valve or flow switch triggering, AUTOMA8n can do  this as standard if needed
  • NATIONAL ANNEX an pump with a stable curve is required, we of course use one, and it's LPCB approved
  • ANNEX H AUTOMA8n has components all of IP54 or higher, our stop valves are monitored, liquid levels are checked, pressures are checked and recorded, pump phase failure and pump room temperature are all alarmed. We simplify the transmission by sending a common fault to the FAP with emails giving you the values and times of incidents and the current devices at fault
  • ANNEX I in transmitting alarms AUTOMA8n fully complies and gives you an email of alarm conditions, a historical record and a plan English LCD screen of the current fault conditions
  • ANNEX J AUTOMA8n monitors when the valves have been closed and reopened, a service feature is available disabling the alarms that are being serviced, reducing trouble alarms, everything is time and date stamped



AUTOMA8N will be commercially available at International Firex in June, the above regulations are just a few that we need to meet, we know the rules and we will issue a full compliance document, highlighting the relevant regulations, we will have a unit that you can opearte for yourself on the stand