BS9251 2014  RULES

The regulations governing domestic and residential sprinkler systems are now incorporated into the British Standard BS9251.  All our products FLOWST8n, DUPLIC8 and BOOST8n meet and exceed the regulations giving a greater level of protection to any fire sprinkler system.

Auto testing every week is now mandatory



Included  Exceeded



Fire pump latches   yes yes Self cooling system
  Jockey Pump                yes  yes  self monitoring and reporting
Fire Proof cable   yes  yes Mist system protects FLOWST8n from local fire

Monthly pump run and alarm

Weekly full function test and reporting              

yes yes Peace of mind and additional protection
Power failed alarm   yes yes also includes, jockey monitoring
Annual Testing   yes yes gives warning of test due
  On demand tests yes yes LCD readout allows fault finding from your desk
Flow Alarm   yes yes Extensive alarms and fault finding via LCD screen reports

DUPLIC8 offers even greater protection for care homes with backup full duty pumps, and always on silent backup power systems


Please note systems that test motor load do not comply, the standard clearly states that the pump must be tested. Pumps transmit water so the test must check either a flow or pressure change, a certificate issued that doesn't check the presence of water will not be a valid certificate.